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A family dog is a housedog which character suits the life of the family, wo is friendly with children and other pets. No race was bred right from the beginning as family dog.

Therefore, the word “familydog” is flexibel. Many breeds are housedogs, many fit very well into the family life, are friendly with children and familiar with other pets.

Why are the Eurasier so very special?

Eurasiers are imprinted already during the puppy hood for their life within a family, they are raised and grow within the breeder’s family who is caring for them. Most of the breeders raise their puppies within their living room – as centre of the family. Each young puppy is right from the beginning a member of the familiy and is cared for very thoroughly and with a lot of love. The puppies learn from their first living day the life in the house with and within the family.

A-Wurf-LöwenburgThey are sozialised from their mother and the remaining two- and fourlegged familypack and so they start very well imprinted and very self confident in the human and the invironment into their future families. For a new puppy owner it is really easy with a Eurasier, as it is no problem to get him hometrained, as one perhaps has to care for with other breeds. One can full concentrate on integration of his little Eurasier into the family as new member.So the Eurasier learn and love rapidly the circumstances of the life of their new pack and integrate themselves without problems. All members, the pets too, belong absolutely to the family pack.

He can be reserved and sensitive but also lively, wild and a real clown – at times. The Eurasier has the sensitivity to react in the right way and is able to “go out” perfectly without the typical “will to please”. He is enriching our day in a pleasant way and is not bothering by characteristic needs of this breed. For being lucky he doesn’t need neither a pack pets in the garden for herding nor a hunting leader. Many family dogs of other breeds are normally imprinted to people very much.

Eurasier LenOur Eurasiers are mostly family- and pack-fixed. Against strangers they are reserved which can be very stressless! They are caring for family, house and yard but without barking too loud.
It is not usual that a Eurasier asks for petting or is jumping up at a strange person. Even guests are not of very great interest , so that the Eurasier sometimes is called shy or arrogant. They are very well differing between sympathy and antipathy. Not only the special beauty, his charme and the effect to people being no dog fanciers are charming. Mostly the advantages of his personality are convincing, his individual character, his selfconfidence make him to a strong fourlegged companion.

- top -If one has once adopted a Eurasier for his family, he cannot imagine how to life ever without him.

Why especially an Eurasier?

... that´s the question! Here you will find the answers from enthusiastic Eurasier owners


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How we came to the dog and why the Eurasier is an obligation

How we came to the dog and why the Eurasier is an obligation

All readers will know that for dog friends it is clear one day: We wish to have a dog which will enrich our life. The preconditions are given. We know, how the dog can/will live, who will walk with him permanently, that food can be paid and that he will/can be treated by a good vetenarian, if necessary.

Then the questions come up - at least, if living with an Eurasier is unknown so far - from where this new companion should come, and whether it is not right or better to give a chance to a poor animal from the animal shelter or e. g. from Spain. Who – as we – has a firm work rhythm with the preference of partly free chosen working time, quickly decides for the breed EURASIER, as it is clear that an Eurasier will adapt himself to his family. The Eurasier are perfect family dogs, which gratefully accept times of resting and inmediately change over to great joy, if one member of his family appears. The Eurasier are particulary social, they intensify the relation of the persons surounding them, as they do not intervene.

Considering the special character of the Eurasier, of course, relevant obligations will follow of regarding “keeping”.

The Eurasier are self- confident and must be treated respectfully, then they are also prepared to offer such a partnership in return.
The Eurasier enjoy meeting living things and behave in friendly manner.
The Eurasier are open-minded towards living things.
The Eurasier are interested in every things new.
The Eurasier are loyal.
The Eurasier are always keen to live in harmony with their “pack”.

This behaviour binding us to this particular breed, which is fascinating us at the same time, should oblige us to handle correspondingly.


Familienhund Eurasier

Eurasier - überall dabei

Als Famlienhund geht er auch zum Fussball mit

Eurasier as family dogs are always present in all activities