Children need animals

Amy am Rhein„Mummy, I wish to get a dog.“

All began with this sentence and changed the whole family life. Books were looked through, owner of dogs were consulted, daddy was convinced and sometime later a litte woolen bundle on four feet came into the house and whirled through the family.

So it happened with me more than twenty years ago and it will also happen with you like that, if you decide to take a puppy of your own for the first time.

Children love animals.

What do children appreciate in connection with their dogs?
According to a study of Reinhold Bergler they feel as follows:

98% - When I come home from school, my dog is happy and welcomes me.
96% - I enjoy very much playing with my dog.
95% - Together with my dog I always have many beautiful and funny events.
95% - I am always happy with my dog, and he is it with me.
87% - I can tell everything to my dog.
86% - My dog is always present for me.
84% - If my dog is with me, I never feel lonely or alone.
81% - My dog always listen to me.
77% - A dog can never be as angry as a human being.
76% - If my dog is with me, I feel sure and I am not afraid.
74% - My dog calms me, if I am sad or have problems.
70% - Together with my dog I feel strong.
70% - My dog better understands me than many a grown-up.
62% - My dog is my best friend.

GlückIt is a great luck for the children to grow-up together with a dog. But a dog is no toy, and the ideal dog for children does not exist. Therefore the parents are responsible for a harmonic living together. They must teach the children to recognize any risks correctly and have to train the dog.

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Children and Eurasier

Supplement to the topic:

A strong unity

A strong community

Some time ago our first Eurasier came to us in the family. If I now look back to this time, I must say that Amy is of great advantage for all of us.

Both our children know, how to handle dogs. This does not only refer to our Amy, but meanwhile also to all other dogs. We, as adults, have taught the children how to live with a dog in the family. There are certain rules, which must be observed. Our dog is no toy, but a member of the family. Our dog lives with us in a community.

What is our dog able to give to the children? Amy can give the feeling of importance. She is afraid of a thunderstorm! Is such a storm approching, she goes to our son in his room. There she lies then and can sleep, and he is proud that Amy takes him for protection. Our daughter is more of a cuddling type. She is cuddling with her, as long as Amy shows her that she no longer likes it, and it is then also accepted. If our daughter has hurt herself, Amy is there and she consoles her and the tears will disappear very quickly. Both are a team in learning small exercises. Amy would like to get the snacks and is then prepared to do nearly everything. And a new “little special” is created, and both have much fun.

Having a dog in the family enables the children to take responsibility for all other “living things”.

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Kind und Welpe

Who handles whom?

Who handles whom?

Finn, only 2 years old, is walking with a proud breast through the forest, by holding on leash our 11 years old Eurasier bitch Diska. Strictly speaking Diska is walking with Finn, pays attention to the little boy, is moving extraordinairely slow, sniffs hardly and does not react to any foreign dog. She gladly follows all the “commands” of the mini-dog handler like “sit” and “down”, shakes hands, which she normally does not like at all.

This behaviour is far too humiliating in the “normal life” of the proud female Eurasier. Snacks for “herioc deeds”, which she normaly eats as quickly as a crocodile and in a way that you have to pay attention to your fingers, are taken out of the very small hand of Finn extremely soft and carefully.

I, as Diska`s real mistress, tell Finn that he has to take good care of Diska. The dwarf is thinking over for a while and then speaks in a dreamy manner. Kerstin listen, you would be really very sad, if something happened to Diska!

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Kind und Eurasier