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Eurasiers have been part of my life for 11 years (I had had Airedale terriers before) – at the moment I have my two eurasier bitches, Diska, 11 years, and Fe, 8 years, as well as our family baby, a male, Dali, 4 years old. We have raised four litters, two with each bitch. As a result we developed many friendships with our puppy buyers.

I have been able to gather a lot of experience from our 2 unspayed Eurasier bitches living with an intact male, and also from working for the club concerning gatherings, breeding assessments, dog shows and tutoring breeders. I like to share these experiences with anybody who needs help.

For the EurasierFreunde Deutschland I am responsible for the sectors 'health and food'. We cannot replace a vet, but we want to look for solutions in collboration with you should you have any problems with your Eurasier.

If problems arise, the exchange of experiences is always important. More people – more knowledge! Therefore we want to discuss any problems with you, but also invite you to give us your tips and share your experiences. Please write to us!

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Kerstin Konopa

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I look forward to having an intensive exchange with regard to my topics "health and nutrition". Don´t hesitate to contact me.

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